Following the devastating 11 year civil war in Sierra Leone West Africa (1991-2002), Compassion for Peace and Child Survival Sierra Leone, (CPCSSL) came into existence in 2005. CPCSSL was born in Fourah Bay College by three sociology students. CPCSSL's primary objective was to attend to the holistic care of the people living in post war Sierra Leone. Ensuring that human rights, mental health, and sustainability efforts were being met to ensure a successful transition after the war took place. CPCSSL provides psychosocial interventions at both individual and organizational levels, partnering with; health care providers, law enforcement, educators, clergy members and business owners to guarantee the needs of these victims are being met. CPCSSL has worked to reunite family members displaced by the war as well as advocate and create a safe environment for those who live with the mental, emotional and physical reminders of its brutality. CPCSSL's provides counseling sessions to individual, families and or large groups. CPCSSL's sphere of influence includes issues dealing with trauma, grief and loss, economic pressures, parenting issues, torture, family disagreements, prison outreach, commercial sex workers and school children. 

Our Mission

Here at CPCSSL we truly embody the belief that children are the future. We also recognize that without an able support system no child can reach their full potential.  Unfortunately most children are denied a future in regards to an education, because of  inadequate support socially and economically.  Our mission is to; afford disadvantage children the right of an education, as well as empower women through socioeconomic opportunities. We aim to advocate for victims affected by HIV/AIDS, Ebola, disabilities, and prostitution, while raising awareness and educating the public.  We plan to do away with stigma, and discrimination, publicly embracing these children with  open arms. We aim to promote, encourage, and enforce educational values upon these families through provision of school fees, uniforms, scholastic materials, food, clothing, medical care and counseling. We aim to provide skills to women by teaching them professional trade through agricultural work, motor-mechanics and carpentry to generate income and promote self sufficiency. We aim to build, protect, strengthen, promote, and educate the less fortunate citizens of not only Sierra Leone but underdevloped countries by teaching them the importance of sustainability. 


CPCSSL has changed my life for the better
— Idrissa
I thank CPCSSL for the great help they have given to me. By paying for school fees. Since my father died, me and my siblings have gone through a lot.
— -Fatmata Barrie

What We've Achieved

  • During the 2014 outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone which claimed nearly four thousands lives, CPCSSL worked with survivors and their families, providing timely resources to reintegrate them back into society. CPCSSL provides these victims food, shelter, and counseling. 
  • CPCSSL has worked tirelessly to reunite family members displaced by war, and the recent Ebola outbreak. 
  • CPCSSL  has adopted and placed orphans in suitable homes. 
  • CPCSSL has and continues to pay for the education of children who are less fortunate.