For 11 years (1991-2002), the nation and the people of Sierra Leone in West Africa, have been subject to the devastation of civil war that originated from local diamond conflict.  With the war over, the people are left to pick up the pieces. How can this young nation recover from this 11 year protracted trauma? The aftermath of the armed conflict where individuals were amputated, many women and young girls were raped, young boys were turned into child soldiers, fathers and mothers  to families were killed leaving many widows, and orphans, universities were shut down, with no functioning elementary schools to provide basic education for children, with a broken economic system that favored corruption creating an environment where poverty has been endemic since the end of the armed conflict. The situation leaving a scar on its people and communities. How do we rebuild? How do we find hope for a broken people, a broken community and losses so great that it cannot be quantified? How can the people of Sierra Leone find themselves? How can they heal from all the pain, hurt, loss and trauma? Where does the solution for problems and challenges that seem so daunting come from?

Hope for a better Sierra Leone, hope for healing for the nation, the communities and the people was conceived out of this pain in Fourah Bay College called Compassion for Peace and Child Survival Sierra Leone. In Fourah, 3 sociology students decided they were going to do something about the situation with the little they had  with the belief that so much can be done. Believing in the strength of the human spirit and on the wings of compassion a new and more hopeful future with an elevated expectation to rise back up again, stronger than before, better than before marked the beginning of the journey of CPCSSL in 2002.

The nature of the post war challenges facing the people, communities and nation of Sierra Leone and what it will take to rebuild and restore the people and the nation helped to shape our vision, mission, objectives and goals. Our approach and philosophy to tackling these mountain of issues is taking a holistic approach which involves creating comprehensive  solutions that address the complex nature of the issues we face. Through our various programs  that incorporates protecting human rights, promoting mental health and creating an effective system that fosters sustainability of our initiatives we have been on a journey of creating a successful transition from the after effects of post war Sierra Leone. 

CPCSSL provides psychosocial interventions at both individual and organizational levels, through partnering with; health care providers, law enforcement, educators, clergy members and business owners to promote the needs of victims of war.

CPCSSL has worked to reunite family members displaced by the war as well as advocate and create a safe environment for those who live with mental, emotional and physical reminders of its brutality. CPCSSL's provides counseling sessions to individual, families and or large groups. CPCSSL's through its programs provides solution to issues such as dealing with trauma, grief and loss, economic pressures, parenting issues, torture, family disagreements, prison outreach, commercial sex workers and school children. 

Our Mission

Here at CPCSSL, we embody our most fundamental belief that children are the future through our comprehensive programs focused on families with a high priority on child development. We understand that for every child to realize their potential, they are in need of a healthy and strong family support system. In the current state of the community, the family system is broken because of after effect of recent conflict which left many families without parents, our children who have experienced trauma and their growth and development is negatively affected by these circumstances. The economic and social set back, a direct result of the armed conflict adds to the challenge the children are facing thus threatening their hope for a better future. Through our programs we have demonstrated a commitment to the vulnerable children and continue through sustainable measures to create an environment where children ca have access to quality educatio, as well as empower women by providing opportunities that will boost their socioeconomic wellbeing. We through educating the public and raising awareness, we are advocates for victims affected by HIV/AIDS, Ebola, those with disabilities from the war, and prostitution.  It is our goal to eradicate the stigma, and end discrimination. We serve as a platform, and agents promoting, encouraging, and enforcing educational values upon these families through provision of school fees, uniforms, study materials, food, clothing, medical care and counseling. Our goal is to develop sustainable skills to women by teaching them professional trade through agricultural, motor-mechanics and carpentry to generate income there by creating and economically viable community. Our long term mission after empowering the coommunities of Sierra Leone is to build, protect, strengthen, promote, and educate vulnerable citizens of other developing countries by implementing our proven sustainable programs. 


CPCSSL has changed my life for the better
— Idrissa
I thank CPCSSL for the great help they have given to me. By paying for school fees. Since my father died, me and my siblings have gone through a lot.
— -Fatmata Barrie


  • 2018

    • CPCSSL began investing in local communities by providing them livestock, stipends and means of acquiring a trade

    • CPCSSL also began investing in safe houses for girls to be empowered

    • CPCSSL also partnered with local NGO’s in Sierra Leone to broaden our outreach and support the necessary work that they are doing for the people of Sierra Leone

  • 2017

    • CPCSSL were one of the first responders to the Mudslide

    • We helped to find displaced victims, housing, food and clothing.

    • CPCSSL has worked tirelessly to reunite family members displaced by war, and the recent Ebola outbreak.

    • CPCSSL has adopted and placed orphans in homes.

    • CPCSSL has and continues to pay for the education of vulnerable children.

  • 2014

    • During the 2014 outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone which claimed approximately 4000 lives, CPCSSL worked with survivors and their families, providing timely resources to reintegrate them back into society. CPCSSL provided these victims food, shelter, and grief counseling.