Project "LEARN"

Meet few of the faces behind the name

CPCSSL is sponsoring 11 Students  in their pursuit of AN education and a brighter tomorrow! 

Alie Kanu: 22 years of age  Location: Congo Town Slums, Sierra Leone.  Aspiration: Study Business Administrative

Alie Kanu: 22 years of age

Location: Congo Town Slums, Sierra Leone.

Aspiration: Study Business Administrative

Father –Morseray Kanu  Mother – Fatu Kanu. Alie’s father  Moseray Kanu saw him through primary school(elementary school) but the burden increased when Alie entered secondary school(High school). Alie has six siblings – 2 girls, 4 boys. His elder brother Kallie Kanu a school dropout because of finacial constraints joint hands with his father to help  support Alie through school. To ensure his little  brother finishes school and becomes someone  Kallie worked as an apprentice attached to one Poda Poda(bus)driver.

 Unfortunately, for Alie, Kallie  died in 2011 as a result of damaged kidneys. By then Alie has completed SSS II (Senior secondary school)waiting for funds to complete high school. The death of Kallie Kanu put a halt to Alie’s education until  he came in contact with CPCSSL. Alie has written his final high school exam and now awaits his result. He hopes to pursue Business Administration in the University.

 The community where Alie Kanu resides is Congo Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Congo Town is one of thee most impoverished communities in Sierra Leone. The main sources of income in this community are petty trading and in the raining season, youths are engaged in sand and gravel mining for their income. This community consistently experiences mass flooding during raining season which  displaces its residence  temporarily.  The community lacks sanitary  toilet facility, drainage and access to proficient schooling. The WASH system is very deplorable. It also has health post. People find it very difficult to accessing health center especially pregnant women.

Wuya Dabisie (left) Ernest Dabisie (Middle) 

Wuya Dabisie (left) Ernest Dabisie (Middle) 

Samuel Dabisie a young farmer and his wife Adama Dabisie, once lived in a small village called Nemgbema in Nywalenga chiefdom, southern province of Sierra Leone. They were happily married with three children- Wuya Dabisie(8yr), Ernest Dabisie(6) and Alice Dabisie(3yrs old), who are all yet to enter primary school. Samuel senior being a young energetic youth in the village was recommended by the community elders to be a pouter at the community health center in 2011. Zealous to explore his potentials, he decided to get training in basic health issues which empowered him to serve the health center in different capacities including nursing aid.

When Ebola hit the Sierra Leone in May 2014. Samuel sprang into action assisting doctors and health care professionals render services to victims and their families. However Samuel who was the primary bread winner contracted the virus while treating an Ebola patient at the health center. Samuel went home without taking precautions and only realized he was positive of Ebola when the patient he treated died and was tested positive. Samuel died few days later and his wife Adama was also tested positive. As God could have it, Adama survived and the children too were safe. Adama being a backyard gardener couldn’t take care of her three children and decided to take them to their aunt Nyawa Dabisie in Bo, Southern province of Sierra Leone. Nyawa a single parent with two children had no alternative than to accept her late brother’s children and help them with whatever little she had. Nyawa was struggling to support them until she finally came in contact with Maseray Kanu- Field Officer for CPSSL during her field visit. Maseray invited her and the children for an interview. Having gone through the interview process, the children wereenrolled in CPCSSL foster care program and have been receiving support for the past two years. CPCSSL is giving stipend to the foster parent and also looking after the schooling and medication of the children.

Fatmata Barrie a 22 year old youth born to Sally Barrie and Sallieu Barrie once lived in Rutile with her parents. This family relocated to Freetown- capital city of Sierra Leone immediately after the civil war in search of greener pasture. As a result of their abject poverty, they could not obtain legal settlement in the city and decided to stay in one of one the urban slums – old wharf. Fatmata’s father Sallieu Barrie later died leaving behind three children. Sallay the mother strived hard to take care and educate her children. Since she couldn’t send all of them to school at the same time due to financial constraints, she decided to send Fatmata and her younger brother for formal education and the eldest for non formal education which is less expensive. She is a petty trader dealing in fire coal. She buys a bag of coal, ties it in small bits and sells. All her children have been part of this business.

Fatmata after selling her own portion of coal goes out to help neighbors with their chores for any amount of money, or other provisions. With the little earning she gets from sales and odd jobs she completed high school 2015 but unfortunately was unable to gather enough funds to register for a university. Fatmata has been interviewed and enrolled for the CPCSSL program.


Old Wharf slum community is one of the oldest wharfs in the Western Area as it name implies. It is located in the Eastern part of Freetown. It is a cosmopolitan community with a total population of 10,500 inhabitants. Academic wise old wharf has five secondary schools, five primary schools, three preparatory schools, and one tertiary institution. Unlike other slum communities, old wharf has pipe borne water and wells that are normally used during the dry season. The community also has two health centers - one privately owned by SLIMS mission and one by the government. The major source of income for these slum dwellers is fishing. They are mainly firemen and fish mongers. The community has one industry known as Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company (SLPMC). As the population is fast growing, there is high demand for the limited facilities mentioned earlier.

Idrissa Fofana

Idrissa Fofana

Idrissa Fofana, whose mother died from Ebola, has been reunited with his great Uncle. Idrissa is barely 7 years old. He’s been through more in that short time than many people manage in a lifetime. Idrisaa is an orphan. His father and mother died from Ebola, along with 3 other members of his immediate family which are his sisters and brother. He is one of thousands of children in Sierra Leone who have become orphans due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus. Thousands of children  are vulnerable and left to fend for themselves. However Idrissa’s story isn’t just one of sadness. It is also one of hope.

Idrissa’s story: Idrissa’s mother died in September, just four days after being admitted to an Ebola treatment center in Makine – a town in Sierra Leone. With no immediate family to look after him, Idrissa’s was immediately placed in the care of CPCSSL and taken to our office we’re running in Makine. In spite of everything he’s been through, he’s still a bright, inquisitive boy, and he quickly won the hearts of our field officer. But children who have been separated from their families need protection, care and psychological support. And the best way to ensure they receive this essential support is to locate their family members who can take them in, our child protection field Officer  worked tirelessly to track down members of his extended family who could take care of him. After weeks of searching, we managed to trace relatives living in a faraway village in Sierra Leone. We went up to see them, and they agreed to take Idrissa in.

Emotional  reunification:

Idrissa’s reunification with his family was a memorable event. The whole community – including the village chief – came out to welcome him to his new home and Idrissa’s extended family were all overjoyed to welcome a baby. As joyful as that moment was the bitter sting of death hovered and dampened the celebration.  Many used the occasion to grieve for the deaths of Idrissa’s relatives. Idrissa’s new care giver – his great Uncle – was clearly overwhelmed with emotion at losing his niece, but also jubilant to see Idrissa once again and for him to be in such good health. CPCSSL is providing Idrissa with complete parental needs; ensure he goes to school and have all his learning material, we also ensure that his medication is provided and we are also giving his care giver support to help care for Idrissa.