PROJECT Women and Girl's EMPOWER



These are backyard farming women who live and work around the eastern part of Freetown. Their occupation is farming and it is through this gardening they are able to afford to pay for their children's school fees, feed and upkeeps. CPCSSL team members/volunteers alongside our founder Mr. Joseph Gbao held a meet and greet with the chief, women and community liaison officers at St. Joseph Vocational Training Center!



The influence a women has in society is invaluable. Studies have shown that in countries where women are oppressed, there are increase violence and higher rates of national poverty. In the words of Dr. Helene Gayle "no matter how we measure it, women and girls bear the brunt of poverty. But it's also clear that women are also our greatest hope for ending it." Sierra Leone is rated 180 out of 187 countries in the world with more than 70% of its population living on less than a $1 a day. Unfortunately poverty and gender inequality goes hand in hand. Women and children suffer the most. But here at CPCSSL we are fighting to give these women and children the opportunity to influence the world they live in.

Here at CPCSSL we are so elated to present "Project Empower" as we round up "Project learn" , our initiative to educate children and provide them the resources to excel, we discovered that women in those society play a crucial role in lives of these children. Therefore we wanted to create opportunities for women to also reach their full potential and empower them to become successful entrepreneurs. That is why we are so elated to help these backyard farmers, by providing them the necessary tools to become successful. Although our primary goal is to aid these farmers, we are also investing in women from all walks of life and occupation. 

"Project Empower" is a project after our own heart. Here at CPCSSL we believe that no matter where you find yourself in life, you can always begin again and change the course of your life. That is why we are so very proud of these women and are willing to invest in them. In one of the videos shown above we've partnered with Saint Joseph to teach computer literacy to commercial sex workers and Ebola survivors. Unfortunately these computers are dilapidated, so they require new computer and accessories. Also the ladies in this catering class are all Ebola survivor who are enrolled in this school to get training and be self sufficient! Our partnership with saint Joseph is geared towards creating safe environments for women to grow, gain news skills and empower themselves. 

This is the land these women who are backyard farmers work on. These women work 12 hours a day. In the photo you can see a woman with a child on her back. You'll be surprise to know that this woman works 12 hours shifts with her child strapped to her back. Unfortunately because there are no available child care facilities or family members to watch the children, these women are forced to carried as the mother works. The resilience of these women are so inspiring! That is why CPCSSL is beyond excited to help empower and provide these women the necessary tools to help them better their lives and that of their children and community. "Project Empower"

March is women's empowerment month! So on March 3rd CPCSSL our team paid a special visit to Saint Joseph's Vocational Training Center. The ladies in this catering class are all Ebola survivors. These classes are used as therapeutic recreational tools to aid in the healing process. Saint Joseph has become a safe outlet for these women to express and distract themselves from the harsh realities and judgement they face in society.