Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together.   



Gave Compassion the sum of  1000 USD to do Ebola sensitization in their operational area which is the Nyawa Lega Chiefdom in the Bo district.

With the money we targeted 1000 house hold within theNyewa Lega  chiefdom and the project was successful as this led to reduction in the number of affected people within the chiefdom.

Since then we are in great partnership with BTC as the do invite us to do some of their training in the areas they operate.




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World Vision was launched in Sierra Leone in March 1996 during the civil war. WV provided food aid to over 140,000 IDPs in Bo town and supported agricultural recovery for over 15,000 farm families in the south and east. WV facilitated resettlement of over 165,000 IDPs in the south and east.

In February 2003, WV transitioned to longer-term development, implementing community-based area development programmes (ADP). By 2016, 25 ADPs had been launched. 

They provided us with mobility in the wake of the Ebola as we were involved in psychosocial activities within the Bo district and its environs.  Three Toyota Hilux was in our disposal until after the diseases subsided in the country. We were provided with this assistance to reach the difficult terrines where there were large scale Ebola outbreaks.


IsraAID – Sierra Leone is joining the fight against the long-term effects of Ebola. The organization is providing training on trauma and stress management for hundreds of government and non-profit service providers to stop Ebola from tearing communities apart, and combat stigma vis-a-vis survivors

The provided us with a weeklong training on psychosocial support, this was absolutely helpful as it was timely.


The Church in Sierra Leone is a part of a global movement to invite all mankind to prepare for the defining visitation from the Throne of God. A visitation that will end the perils of life on this planet and restore man to the "image of the Creator". This visitation is personal and individual now and will be personal and individual when it occurs the second and third time. 1 Thess 4: 16-18 and Revelation 22 describes the promise. Our work presently is the first personal individual invitation of John 14.

In addition, the 7th day Adventist Church has accepted the mantle of the church of God of Revelation 14:6-12.

South East Mission Station of the Seventh Day Adventist Church Sierra Leone; They provided us with a temporal office space as we were working on our documentation and registration of the organization. We in turn provided them with M&E training for their CBO officials that were running a child protection project in Bo and Kenema. Until now they are of great assistance to the organization.


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