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Joseph gbao

 Mr. Gbao is a highly motivated and self driven professional with over 9 years of experience in operations management, nonprofit outreach, software development, as well as finance management and human resources in Sierra Leone. Mr. Gbao created CPCSSL as a senior in Fourah Bay college and continues to help, support and advocate for those that are less fortunate. Mr. Gbao's background is much like the victims he represents. He knows first hand what it means not to know where your next meal would come from nor even if he would live to see the next day. After a drastic shift in his family life, Mr. Gbao alongside his four other siblings left with their mom to their grandparents home. Being forced to live in a small one room flat with 6 other people, Mr. Gbao and his siblings took on odd jobs alongside his mother and siblings to further their education and afford what little livelihood they could.  Today he works with world leaders and continues to pay it forward.  


Willietta Gombeh

Willietta born in Sierra Leone and raised in the United States is an innovative young leader, passionate about motivating, and inspiring her generation through public speaking, counseling, and mentorship. Willietta is the Co-Founder of CPCSSL. Her primary role is to globalize the impact of CPCSSL, by raising awareness, creating new partnerships and generating donations. Willietta is actively involved in her church, volunteerism, as well as counseling others. In 2016 Willietta was named one of Bank of America's Student Leaders. Although Willietta has had a relatively easy life, in comparisons to those she advocates for, she strongly believes in the importance of helping others and empowering them to live their best lives.